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We have been providing support for people with gallbladder and other digestive problems since 2001. It is our goal to help you, firstly, to get out of any pain or uncomfortable symptoms and 2nd - to help you stay symptom-free. Beyond that, it is our hope that you will go on to change your diet and lifestyle to improve your health beyond what it's ever been.

We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to helping you through your process. We are only a phone call, email, or a live chat away!




Heidi is our customer service representative. She's on the other end of the phone or computer, offering support, encouragement and suggestions and, when necessary, scheduling consultations with our practitioner Deborah Graefer, founder of this business.





Sharmila is behind the scenes cooking up new recipes beyond the two gallbladder menu plans she has already made. How can you tell she's our in-house artist?


Licensed Acupuncturist and Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine



Deborah is the founder of Trained at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA, she graduated magna cum laude in 1994. She became interested in gallbladder issues based on her own digestive issues from early childhood. She started this website in 2001 to be be able to reach more people with what she learned. She has helped thousands all over the world to alleviate symptoms of gallbladder pain.

Deborah uses a combination of diet and concentrated nutritional supplements as well as other natural treatment modalities that can be done at home.

"What we want to do is to nourish the cells of the digestive system, from the top to bottom, including the liver and gallbladder, both small and large bowel and the stomach. If the cells are in good shape, healthy and in balance, they will do their jobs properly, whatever the job of that particular cell. Wouldn't it be better if one could teach one's body to regulate its own production? And the beauty is that the body knows better than our brains what it needs and when it needs it. It knows where to send the nutrition, what part of the system is in need of the most help. This is the principal of regeneration: when the body is fed the proper nutrition in the proper (ie concentrated enough) amounts, it has the ability to correct its own imbalances."