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We have been providing support for people with gallbladder and other digestive problems since 2001. It is our goal to help you, firstly, to get out of any pain or uncomfortable symptoms and 2nd - to help you stay symptom-free. Beyond that, it is our hope that you will go on to change your diet and lifestyle to improve your health beyond what it's ever been.

We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to helping you through your process. We are only a phone call, email, or a live chat away!


Licensed Acupuncturist and Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine





Deborah is the founder of Trained at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA, she graduated magna cum laude in 1994. She became interested in gallbladder problems based on her own digestive issues from early childhood. She started this website in 2001 to be able to reach more people with what she learned. She has helped thousands all over the world to alleviate symptoms of gallbladder pain.

Her practice is now devoted exclusively to gallbladder and related diseases and the underlying causes including hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, food intolerances, leaky gut and toxicity, and to dietary and supplemental recommendations for the above. Deborah offers personal consultations for all digestive complaints. Although the focus is not weight loss, many find that they return to a more balanced weight by following the recommendations suggested. This is because the protocols suggested often help to:

  • increase normal fat metabolism
  • increase normal stomach acid levels, enzyme and bile production
  • normalize blood sugar levels
  • stop the attack on an already leaky gut
  • reduce cortisol or stress hormone levels, thereby positively affecting all hormones

Deborah uses a combination of diet and concentrated nutritional supplements as well as other natural treatment modalities that can be done at home. She sources natural products from several reputable companies and manufacturers and has designed some of her own formulations specifically for gallbladder health. Deborah spends her spare time perusing gallbladder and bile research studies and writing newsletters for your enjoyment and edification. Her interest in gallbladder health was an offshoot of her nutritional studies but more importantly from personal story that began in her childhood and followed her throughout life, leading her to the study of Chinese medicine. Here is her story:

"I suffered from stomach aches from early childhood. Trips to doctors had brought no results and so my mother tried some unorthodox methods such as food combining which resulted in very strange school lunches but none the less gave me some relief. My symptoms were general indigestion, feeling of fullness following meals or that food was sitting in my stomach for hours, pain up high above the stomach, below the ribcage in the center and getting worse throughout the day, keeping me from being able to fall asleep. The pain could get so severe that I would use a very hot water bottle to help to relax it and after continual weeks of this I would eventually just stop eating for three days to get relief. Doctors did all sorts of tests, but never any gallbladder tests. And we tried alternative therapies, many of them.

It wasn't until I was in my early 30s that I found any relief at all and that came with a Chinese digestive formula. I had to take a lot of it to notice a difference at first - 4 capsules before I ate and then if I felt pain afterwards I would take another 4. But it was so amazing to feel relief from the pain that I didn't care how many I needed to take. If I kept taking them, the pain would go away. Wow! How could it be that a simple herbal formula could do what all the medicines couldn't? I began to research all of the herbs in that formula and ended up enrolling in Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. I suspected that the Chinese knew something that we didn't know. And how true is that!

What I learned is that nutritive herbs are more respected in Chinese medicine than the stronger more medicinal ones. They all have their place, certainly, but if you can get results with something nourishing as opposed to something that forces an action, that is preferable. When you work that way, you are bringing the body back into balance and allowing it to do the action itself.

With that in mind, we begin our natural treatments for gallbladder and digestion by providing the digestive system with the substances that are out of balance that, for some reason are not being produced or secreted in sufficient amounts, such as bile, hydrochloric acid and pancreatic enzymes. After a few weeks of this, and when symptoms have resolved from 80-90%, we add in, or switch over to Herbal Digestive Bitters which stimulate the body to begin to make its own. This process and its timing are different for everyone."





Heidi is our customer service representative. She's on the other end of the phone or computer, offering support, encouragement and suggestions and, when necessary, scheduling consultations with our practitioner Deborah Graefer, founder of this business.





Sharmila is behind the scenes cooking up new recipes beyond the two gallbladder menu plans she has already made. How can you tell she's our in-house artist?



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