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Turmeric Benefits and Your Gallbladder Health

If you love spices, then you must be very familiar with turmeric. Although it’s most famous now as a culinary staple for those who are into Persian or Middle Eastern dishes, it can do so much more than that. Turmeric is also well known for its therapeutic effects, dating back nearly 4000 years and slowly getting recognition by modern [...]

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What You Need to Know About Biliary Dyskinesia

Biliary dyskinesia (BD) is the term for a low-functioning gallbladder and is a disorder characterized by the inability of certain parts of the biliary system to facilitate the normal flow of the bile. Biliary comes from the word bile. Dyskinesia simply means a disorder in functioning. The bile which is crucial in our body’s digestion and detoxification is produced [...]

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Bacteria in Your Gut: SIBO Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and SIBO Treatment

They say two is a company and three is a crowd. What if there’s more than a million? I am talking about bacteria here, and having that much within your small intestine definitely spells disaster. Even healthy individuals host bacteria throughout their digestive tract. However, there are intrinsic mechanisms that help maintain the delicate balance of the gut flora. [...]

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Don't Ditch Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Much of the vitamin D our body requires can be obtained naturally through sufficient sun exposure. However, despite its availability, vitamin D deficiency is still a worldwide concern. In fact, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey concluded that about 41.6% of American adult population has lower vitamin D levels than the ideal. A separate report by the Center for [...]

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You May Be Suffering From an Autoimmune Disease; You Just Don't Know It Yet

Diagnosis and treatment for autoimmune diseases explainedOur bodies are amazingly designed with an innate ability to detect and ward off foreign substances that disturb our homeostasis and threaten our health. Our immune system, through its vast network of cells and tissues, is able to activate white blood cells to fight bacteria, viruses, allergens, infections or toxins that it deems [...]

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12 Anti-Aging Benefits of Glutathione

We often say – “Age is just a number”. But is it really JUST a number? No matter how hard we deny it, aging brings a lot of uncertainties and fears. The physical changes can be overwhelming – reduced mobility, hearing impairment, visual deterioration, and diminished mental performance to name a few. These alterations don’t even include the emotional, [...]

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Beets Health Benefits, Nutrition, and Cooking Tips

Get to Know BeetsBeets have long been recognized as an all-star vegetable, a superfood passed on from the ancient gardens of the Mediterranean region to our kitchens today. It’s called by different names – table beet, garden beet, red beet, beetroot (referring to the fleshly, edible root of the plant) and beet greens or beet tops (often used [...]

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Bile Definition, Function of Bile and its Role in the Biliary Tree Not much attention is given to the condition of our bile. In fact, unless you are diagnosed with liver, gallbladder or digestion problems, how would you know to think of it? Some wouldn’t even know what it is. For people whose gallbladder has already been surgically removed, [...]

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Flukes, Tapeworms and other Biliary Parasites: Are They Your Real Problems?

They say, “The best gifts come in small packages” but I’m afraid you can’t say the same for the tiny and microscopic parasites that may be living inside you. Just the thought of having the wriggling, feeding, slimy creatures in your body may be enough to make your hair stand on end. It’s bad enough that its mere mention [...]

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5 Zinc Carnosine Benefits for Digestive Health

Whether you are aware or not, you may be doing many things that can potentially damage your gut – not eating well, neglecting exercise, stressing out, taking unnecessary medications, and even polluting your body by drinking excessively or smoking. Before you know it, you’re feeling lethargic, bloated, nauseous, and overweight. Worse, you may start suffering from pain. Although many may dismiss [...]

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