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Gallbladder-Friendly Fiber

We all know we need fiber as a part for our diet. But until a few years ago, dietary fiber was not given the attention as it deserves unlike other food components such as fats, sugar, and proteins. Some researchers think that it’s probably because fiber is indigestible and of negligible nutrient value. Or maybe it was because it [...]

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8 Signs of Liver Problems: Is Your Liver Crying for Help?

The liver is the second largest organ in the human body. In fact, it is so big that it contains 10% of our body’s blood supply at any given time. It’s also considered such a vital organ because it is responsible for more than a few hundred different bodily functions including digestion and detoxification – two processes crucial for [...]

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D3 and K2: The Immune-Boosting Combo

A strong immune system is a must-have all-year round. However, it is not a bad idea to take disease-fighting up a notch during the winter season. We know that bacteria and viruses (not the weather) can cause illnesses, yet US CDC confirms that influenza occurrence peaks between December and February. This happens because of a number of reasons. First, [...]

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Beat Brain Fog Today

If you find yourself more forgetful, unable to concentrate, or lacking mental clarity, you may be suffering from brain fog. This condition is called such because it literally is like a cloud that may shroud over your judgment, cognition, and comprehension. Clinically speaking, this condition is vague and subjective since it is very hard to diagnose and qualify. It [...]

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The PCOS and Gallbladder Connection

What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?PCOS is a condition caused by a woman’s ovaries which develop cysts and produce an excess of androgens or males hormones such as testosterone.One in every 5 reproductive-aged women suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It is a condition caused by a woman’s ovaries which develop cysts and produce an excess of androgens or males [...]

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Chronic Inflammation Causes Chronic Diseases

With the slightest trigger from allergens, bacteria, viruses, toxin s, or trauma, inflammation can happen. And if you think it’s no big deal, think again. Inflammation per se is not evil. In fact, it is a natural immune response meant to protect our bodies from foreign substances, injury, or infection. Yes, pain, swelling, and even immobility or fever can go with [...]

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​For Your Gallbladder’s Sake, Control Diabetes!

A Basic Guide to Diabetes, it’s Relationship with the Gallbladder, and Natural Ways to Control Diabetes the Gallbladder-friendly Way There is nothing sweet about diabetes; in fact, some refer to it as a “silent killer”. Not only can this pandemic make a patient suffer and deteriorate slowly, it can also drain the whole family of financial resources due to health care [...]

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H. Plyori Can Wreak Havoc on Your Gallbladder

Helicobacter pylori, or better known as H.pylori, is a bacteria popularly associated with gastrointestinal problems like leaky gut, peptic ulcers, and gastritis. In the gut, H. pylori has the ability to bury itself in the GI mucosa where the body’s immune cells cannot readily reach and fight it. The bacteria then destroys the lining that serves as the stomach’s [...]

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Manage Your Thyroid, Save Your Gallbladder

You know the symptoms all too well – fatigue, dry skin and hair, foggy brain, muscle cramps, headaches, digestive problems, and weight gain among others. You’re sure you have thyroid issues, and now you still have to worry about your gallbladder? Unfortunately, numerous studies prove that it’s true - a low thyroid can lead to a low-functioning gallbladder [...]

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What is Gastroparesis? The Mysterious Disease Explained

Aside from being a source of nourishment, eating brings comfort and joy to many. It’s one of life’s pleasures most of us can’t do without. So just imagine a life of constant vomiting, with the inability to eat due to perpetual bloating and nausea, with the feeling of fear instead of bliss whenever it’s meal time. It must be [...]

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