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Is Your Antacid Habit Hurting Your Gallbladder?

Antacids are a multi-million-dollar business. Have you ever seen one of these drugs resolve the problem? They reduce the symptoms some of the time, but they could actually make your gallbladder problem worse. The gallbladder secretes bile in response to the acidity of the food bolus. It helps to make that food mixture more alkaline.One research [...]

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Three Specific Causes of Gallbladder Pain

And Three Methods of Treatment By three causes of gallbladder pain I don't mean hamburgers, french fries or donuts. I'm talking physiological causes. And in spite numerous things that can go wrong with the gallbladder, there are really only 3 main causes: a stuck gallstone a low-functioning gallbladder that can't eject enough bile a sphincter of Oddi disorder (SOD) preventing [...]

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Gallbladder Symptoms with No Gallbladder

How is that even possible? Well, technically, it's not. The gallbladder can't hurt if it's not there. However, there can be pinching or pulling in the area of the surgery where scar tissue forms, or in the remains of the cystic duct. That symptom can be helped with the application of castor oil packs. The best [...]

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