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Beets Health Benefits, Nutrition, and Cooking Tips

Get to Know BeetsBeets have long been recognized as an all-star vegetable, a superfood passed on from the ancient gardens of the Mediterranean region to our kitchens today. It’s called by different names – table beet, garden beet, red beet, beetroot (referring to the fleshly, edible root of the plant) and beet greens or beet tops (often used [...]

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Bile Definition, Function of Bile and its Role in the Biliary Tree Not much attention is given to the condition of our bile. In fact, unless you are diagnosed with liver, gallbladder or digestion problems, how would you know to think of it? Some wouldn’t even know what it is. For people whose gallbladder has already been surgically removed, [...]

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Flukes, Tapeworms and other Biliary Parasites: Are They Your Real Problems?

They say, “The best gifts come in small packages” but I’m afraid you can’t say the same for the tiny and microscopic parasites that may be living inside you. Just the thought of having the wriggling, feeding, slimy creatures in your body may be enough to make your hair stand on end. It’s bad enough that its mere mention [...]

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5 Zinc Carnosine Benefits for Digestive Health

Whether you are aware or not, you may be doing many things that can potentially damage your gut – not eating well, neglecting exercise, stressing out, taking unnecessary medications, and even polluting your body by drinking excessively or smoking. Before you know it, you’re feeling lethargic, bloated, nauseous, and overweight. Worse, you may start suffering from pain. Although many may dismiss [...]

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5 Reasons for Weight Gain After Gallbladder Removal

For many, cholecystectomy or gallbladder removal is the only promise of relief from all their gallbladder pain and trouble. This makes the procedure one of the most frequently performed surgeries. Deciding to have it was even made easier with the development of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Due to its less invasive nature, healing time and recovery is much quicker, with most patients [...]

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Are Bile Salts Worth Your Money?

If you are putting a premium on your health, it’s no longer news to you that a healthy lifestyle, just like any other investment, will cost you time, effort and money. Your gym membership and workout equipment comes at a price. So as your friends are enjoying the lazy Sunday mornings, you are already sweating it like you mean [...]

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Which Fats Can I Eat with Gallbladder Problems

Fats Within the Foods May Be Easier                Avocado oil within the fruit itself can be easier to tolerate than the extracted oil. Likewise, olives can be easier on the gallbladder than olive oil and fish vs fish oil. Sometimes oil is hard to take. But gallbladder problems can be caused by too little fat as [...]

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WHAT ARE GALLSTONES?Gallstones are solidified and hardened accumulations of cholesterol, calcium compounds, bilirubin, digestive fluids, and other particulates within the gallbladder. This gallbladder disease is also known as cholelithiasis, derived from the Greek terms “chole” which means bile and “lithos” meaning, stone. Bile is a fluid made in the liver, stored in the gallbladder and used to digest and absorb fats [...]

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7 Ways to Avoid Gallstones During Pregnancy

You’re wobbling your way to the toilet for another pee break, you can’t sleep well because the baby’s constantly kicking and you keep on forgetting where you placed the car keys! With these and many other pregnancy quirks that drive you nuts, the last thing you want is to add gallbladder issues to the list of your worries. Some of [...]

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How Coconut Oil Improves Digestion

The coconut tree has been deemed as the “all-giving tree” due to its abundant and diverse derivatives. From the leaves, to the fruit, to the trunk down to its roots, there appears to be no end to its benefits. The edible parts of the tree like the coconut water and kernel do not just satisfy [...]

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