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GALLBLADDER CONSULTATIONS                                                                                      

$180 for 60 minutes 

$100 for 30 minutes   

$40 for 10 minutes

Each additional 10 minutes is $40.

Please call 760.515.2338 to schedule. NOTE: We are on Pacific Time.

For your consultation please have the following information available if possible:

  • Any gallbladder test results
  • A brief history of your gallbladder problem
  • A list of your current symptoms
  • For an assessment of your diet, you will also need a three-day dietary intake that includes everything you have had to eat or drink including meals, drinks and snacks.


Gallbladder disease often has other problems occurring along with it. Many of these are not separate issues but are intertwined. Either they are contributing to the gallbladder disease or are actually part of the underlying cause. For example, since hydrochloric acid is a contributor to optimal gallbladder emptying, many gallbladder patients have low hydrochloric acid along with their gallbladder issue. And hydrochloric acid is accompanied by its own set of symptoms that may contribute to the discomfort of the gallbladder problem. Low HCl may definitely be a contributing cause to the problem. But low thyroid could be the underlying cause of both the low HCl and the gallbladder problem. Wrong diet is also a contributor to gallbladder disease. Fats are well-known by most people to be a problem for the gallbladder but not so well-known is that food allergies such as gluten and dairy.

Let us help you to uncover any underlying issues contributing to your gallbladder problem. 


Consultations are with Deborah Graefer, L.Ac. MTOM.,

Licensed Acupuncturist and Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine.


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