Gallbladder and Liver Flush


Please, if you are in pain now do not do a flush at this time. See your doctor, take the beet recipe and one of the product kits that help to thin the bile and take the pressure off the gallbladder. Otherwise it's like beating a sick horse. Treat it gently. When you are "out of the woods" and the gallbladder is functioning better, proceed if you choose to. It is best to have a medical diagnosis before attempting to do a flush. If you read the pathology on the gallbladder disease page first you will be alerted to some of the dangers to beware of. You may have a simple case, but you may have a complicated, life-threatening one.

What Does The Liver/Gallbladder Flush Do?

  • Helps cleanse stagnant waste from the liver/gallbladder
  • Helps improve liver functioning and bile flow
  • Helps purify the blood and lymph
  • Helps rejuvenate the body

Kicking Out Old Problems with Liver/Gallbladder Flushes

Some people have reservations about doing a liver flush. Some of the reason for that is that they do it with a full bowel. If you dump a half of a cup of oil into the stomach and it is followed by the secretion of bile, it's natural course would be to drop out through the bowel and rather quickly. If it is stopped up, you are going to experience nausea and/or vomiting. If the bowel has been cleared with a colonic or Epsom salts in advance, tht is highly unlikely to happen. However, if it still makes you nervous you can work on dissolving stones with the starter kit and gallstone kit without it. Coffee enemas are also helpful and easier on most than the flush.

What might improve from a Liver/Gallbladder Flush?

Apart from helping with the pain and discomfort of a poorly functioning digestive system, all of the symptoms mentioned above may also be helped by a series of flushes. They are:

1. Digestive problems (such as burping often, bloating, intestinal gas, stomach pain)
2. Food allergies and sensitivities
3. Chemical sensitivities (such as reactions to gasoline, cleaning agents, soaps, cosmetics, etc.)
4. Rashes, various kinds of skin problems
5. Eye problems (such as blurred vision, eye pain, decreasing eyesight, eye flutters or twitches, etc.)
6. Difficulty sleeping
7. Irritability, frequent anger, depression
8. Tendon or muscle problems (such as frequent sprains/strains, muscle injuries, delayed healing)
9. Swelling of the breasts
10. Menstrual problems (such as too little or too much blood flow, blood clotting, cramps)
11. Headaches (especially pain at the vertex of the head, and throbbing headaches). A headache of the gallbladder is most commonly over the right eye, at the temples or on one side of the head.)



The Liver and Gallbladder Flush can be used by those who have had gallbladder removal as well as by those who have not. This is because there are often gallstones in the liver and in fact, most likely are if you've had them in the gallbladder. The problem with bile has its root in the formation in the liver. A flush helps to alleviate congestion due to gallstones and/or thickened bile A person can have gallstones after gallbladder removal because this underlying problem of bile stagnation has not been addressed. Congestion can be a problem in the gallbladder and in the liver itself as well as in the bile ducts.

Many people have done this flush successfully. Some do it 2 or 3 times a year just to keep the bile moving. I had a note from a lady who said she had gallbladder problems 25 years ago and did the flush at that time and is only experiencing trouble again now. If you have tried this flush and would like to send your comments I am sure other people would appreciate hearing them. I am providing the information because I have been asked for it. The products I am selling on this site combined with the recommended diet of "real food" can be very effective and less dramatic. Personally I have done both coffee enemas and flushes and have had no trouble with either. I did lots of preparation with the products in the gallbladder starter and stone kits first.

I will insert a
disclaimer here. I need to warn you that there is always the possibility of complications from the flush. If the stones are too large and unable to pass through the bile ducts, not only could that cause excruciating pain, you could end up having your gallbladder removed in the emergency room. Gallstones are made of cholesterol primarily but also calcium. If the stones are large and calcified, there is more chance for complications. So if you know you have stones, I suggest you find out the size and type from your doctor. If you know your stones are of the calcium variety or are very large, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS GALLBLADDER AND LIVER FLUSH! Note: I recommend you consult your physician before doing this flush.


For this version of the flush you will need one Gallbladder and Liver Flush Kit containing:

2 OPA 2 oz
1 BiliVen (formerly Gallbladder Complex)

Plan to do your flush when you have a day off with no commitments. We'll assume you've chosen a Saturday.

1. For two weeks before the flush, put 10 ml or 1 ½ -2 tsp OPA in 1 quart of unfiltered organic apple juice and drink throughout the day. This is the most important part of a gall stone diet as it should help to dissolve the stones.
2. The week of the flush, from Monday to Saturday add ¼ cup of the beet recipe to your salad at lunch and dinner. This is optional but very helpful. Take 1 capsule BiliVen 3x day. Take 1 tsp. of Epsom Salts (available at a local pharmacy) in ¾ cup water before bed. If it feels like too much, reduce to ½ tsp.
3. Right after lunch on Saturday, is the time to do a coffee enema. Instructions are on the site.
4. At least one hour before dinner take another 1 tsp Epsom Salts in 3/4 cup water.
5. Eat a light dinner of only salad or fruit. Take 3-4 capsules BiliVen capsules.
6. Just before bed, drink 4-6 oz. of extra-virgin olive oil. (I have found the Omega Nutrition Organic Olive Oil available from omega nutrition to be the most palatable for this procedure. Also Delightfully Turkish Olive oil and a freshly pressed olive oil from a store like Olive and Baker. ) Follow this with 2 Tbsp. lemon juice and 1/2 glass of the apple juice mixture.
7. Lie on your right side with your knees pulled up for at least ½ an hour before you fall off to sleep. If you are too nauseous to sleep put 10 drops of the liquid phosphoric acid, OPA, in an 8 to 12 oz glass of water. Sip on this throughout the night as needed. It should keep you from vomiting, but if you do so, do not repeat the olive oil at this time.
8. When you get up, (but not before dawn) take another 1 tsp of Epsom Salts with ½ cup of warm to hot water. Take 2-4 capsules BiliVen.
9. You will likely pass small green balls in your stool. Be sure to note their size and number. Some stones may be different colors. As you repeat this flush a few weeks or a few months later, the number and size of stones should decrease considerably. Some people will pass the stones at night instead of or as well as in the morning.
10. Two hours after the 3rd dose of salts, take 1 tsp of Epsom Salts with ½ cup of warm to hot water. Take 2-4 capsules BiliVen.
11. This procedure can be quite exhausting so plan on spending a quiet day at home.
12. Eat normally, if you are able.
I recommend a coffee enema on the day of the flush day (as stated above) and also, if there is any nausea lingering on the next morning, another coffee enema or even OPA may resolve that.


This is an old folk remedy that has been used very successfully for both gallbladder problems and liver problems. I recommend it for people who do not see the flush as an option. It can be used for all sorts of stomach complaints as well as constipation. It is also an alternative menstrual cramp treatment and a uterine fibroid treatment. Regular treatments give better results. For gall stone treatment, consistency is imperative.

You will need:

Cold Pressed Castor Oil
Wool Flannel
Heating Pad
Plastic Wrap or a large plastic bag
Two Old Towels
Old Clothing such as pyjamas or sweat suit
Baking soda

Much of the above is for protection from the castor which is sticky, messy and stains. I keep an old set of clothing that I use just for castor oil packs. The first two ingredients you will find at a health food store. The brand of castor oil I use is from "Home Health." They also make wool flannel. Cotton flannel will do if that's what you have.

Directions for Castor Oil Packs

1. Prepare your bed or couch by placing an old towel where you are going to lie. If you are going to use an electric heating pad vs a hot water bottle, you will need to situate yourself near an electrical outlet.

2. Saturate the wool flannel in castor oil. It may be heated first if you like.

3. Place the flannel over your liver and gallbladder area. Do not be skimpy on the area covered. It is better to cover more than less. I tend to go as large as my heating pad is.

4. Place a piece of plastic over this sticky flannel.

5. Put an old cloth or towel over the flannel.

6. Place the heating pad over top of this and keep it as warm as is comfortable for you.

7. Keep it all on for an hour and try to do it at the same time each day (don't skip it if you can't, though). Do this for 7 days in a row.

8. Wash the area thoroughly with baking soda and water.

9. Take 1/2 tsp of Gallbladder ND Detox in 1/4 cup of water immediately after using a castor oil pack. This helps to gently cleanse acidic secretions that may be released with the process.

The traditional version of this has you taking "small doses" of olive oil two or three times a day. I would suggest ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon at the most. After the 3rd or 4th day you may observe some stones in your stools.

Another protocol is to eat only organic apples and drink water for 3 days. Do castor oil packs daily and at least one enema or colonic. End with 1-2 tsp of olive oil on the 3rd night if you can handle that much oil only. Adjust amount as needed.


Do You Know?

the facts about gallbladder
and liver flush?

Read more below.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I am in pain and am afraid to
do the flush. Everyone is encouraging me to do so. Will
it really help me? What else could I do instead?

I DO NOT recommend
you do this flush while you are in
pain even if it is not a full-blown
gallbladder attack. I suggest starting
with the Extra-Strength Gallbladder
Relief Kit and preparing yourself for
a month or two before attempting
the flush. In fact, I would want to
be at least 6 weeks without pain.
The products in the kit could make
you forget you ever had a problem.
That is the time to do it. An
alternative is to do a series of coffee
enemas (procedure found on this
site) which will also stimulate bile
flow and gallbladder contractions.
I still recommend doing the
Extra-Strength Kit first. It's much
more gentle than either the flush or
the enema. Castor Oil Packs are
also a very gentle, healing method
for both the liver and gallbladder.
It can help to relieve an
inflammation which can either add
to the pain you are feeling, or be
the cause of the pain depending
on your diagnosis.

Remember, it's taken you years to
get into this mess and you're not
going to over it in one day, flush or
no flush. So relax, take your time.
Stress only adds to gallbladder

I do not have stones, according to the sonogram. Can I still benefit from a flush?

Answer: Yes. The flush can help to
dissolve small crystals that are
imperceptible to sonograms or that
are outside of the gallbladder (in the
bile ducts or in the liver ducts). At
the very least, it definately
stimulates the gallbladder and biliary
tract. You could try the coffee
enema for stimulation instead.

Dear Deborah,

First of all I'd love to congratulate you on what is easily the best gallbladder-health website on the internet, by a long way.

Secondly I'd like to thank you for your hard work and dedication. After some painful episodes in January this year, I was diagnosed as having gallstones. I really wasn't having much fun as anything vaguely nice I ate would trigger painful attacks. The Doctors suggested I have my gallbladder removed. Hence I am extremely grateful for all your dedication and hard work

Luckily I stumbled across your website, followed both your dietary advice as well as instructions re the liver/ gallbladder flush. After my first flush I immediately felt much better and after my second I was back to normal. Neither I nor the Doctors could believe how I was cured.

I still get some tickling sensation at times from my gallbladder area. Hence I'd like to do another flush. The only bother is that I find the epsom salts REPULSIVE to drink.

I live in London (UK) If I understood your website correctly you normally do not ship products outside the US. However is there anyway of making an exception please? I'd really, really like to replace the epsom salts with the Phosphate and Sodium capsules (I've tried my local pharmacy but they do not have them).

I would be very grateful if this is possible.

Kind regards,

Thank you SO MUCH for the work that you do. I just did a flush after 1 month on the gallbladder starter kit, 2 wks of apple juice|phos drops prep and then the gallbladder liver|gallbladder flush kit. I passed dozens of soft and shrunken green stones (after all the prep I imagine). Already feeling some relief, and plan to do it again in about a month to be thorough.
Just wanted to thank you and tell others out there that there IS an alternative to surgery! :)

How do I know that these little green balls are actually gallstones and not just congealed olive oil?

Answer: An article in The Lancet
medical journal in April 2005
entitled "Could these be Gallstones?"
reported that a physician in
Australia had some stones retrieved
from a patient who did the flush
chemically analyzed and stated that
they contained no calcium, bilirubin
or cholesterol as gallstones "might".
Rather, these little green balls were
made up of 75% fatty acids (olive
oil?). Although the authors claim no
conflict of interest, the article does
not feel at all unbiased and refers
to the flush as a myth. I find it quite
unscientific that they so readily
dismiss a natural remedy that has
been used successfully by thousands
based on one person's flush. Even if
the green balls are congealed olive
oil, what about the harder textured
black, brown or tan stones that are
also often passed? And what about
the fact that many report feeling
relief from symptoms for many
months or years after doing a flush
even if they do only pass "olive oil".
Is it not possible that just stimulating
the gallbladder in such a way makes
it function better, perhaps by
moving just sludge? Are we all
idiots who keep repeating flushes
without experiencing any results? I
sure hope there's none of you out
there who are doing that! If you try
it two or three times and get no
relief, forget it. But that is not my
own experience, nor is it what I
hear from readers.

What is the purpose of the Epsom Salts?

Answer: This is a salt product that
helps to soften stones. It is also a
potent laxative. It is an important
part of the process, as you need to
move things quickly and completely.

Hi Debbie: I first phoned you crying because I had been in so much pain and couldn't do anything to stop it. I did the Olive Oil Lemon Juice flush prior to finding your site and passed well over 100 stones of varying size and color, but the pain persisted. I was fearful that something bigger and/or worse was going on with me. I ordered the Gall Bladder Starter Kit which arrived the next day (good thing we live just a few miles apart) and ate the beet recipe and green soup. I am happy to report that I am currently pain free!! I don't know how I didn't find you in earlier web searches, but I've found you now and want to thank you for your dedication to this topic. I would do anything to stay out of the operating room and keep my gall bladder and I believe now that I will be able to. I've also lost about 8 pounds. The coffee enemas seem to help a lot, although I have a hard time gaining the privacy I feel I need to do them! Anyway, God bless you and thank you for helping me. G.P.




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