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Gallbladder and Liver Flush Kit

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Product Description

This kit contains:
1 8 oz Gallbladder-ND Detox liquid tincture
2 2 oz Fos Formula (ortho-phosphoric acid)

This kit is a two-week preparation for the gallbladder and liver flush which helps to flush sludge and gall stones. It is also helpful with any type of cholestasis or stagnation of the gallbladder. It is not advisable to do a flush if you have acute cholecystitis, an inflamed gallbladder. It makes good sense in any type of cholelithiasis (gallstones) to do one to three months of preparation first with a good gallbladder diet and products to improve the functioning of your gallbladder, as well as products that help to dissolve the gallstones.I suggest starting with the 30 Day Gallbladder Solution and then moving on to the Gallstone Kit.

And you'll want to do all you can to work on the cause of the gallstone formation so that they do not keep forming. See Causes of Gallbladder Disease.

Disclaimer: I need to warn you that there is always the possibility of complications from the flush. If the stones are too large and unable to pass through the bile ducts, not only could that cause excruciating pain, you could end up having your gallbladder removed in the emergency room. Gallstones are made of cholesterol primarily but also calcium. If the stones are large and calcified, there is more chance for complications. So if you know you have stones, I suggest you find out the size and type from your doctor. If you know your stones are of the calcium variety or are very large, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS GALLBLADDER AND LIVER FLUSH! Note: I recommend you consult your physician before doing this flush.

It is also helpful to have an ultrasound and report from your medical doctor about the condition of your gallbladder including type of gallstones, the number of stones and the size of the gall stones. A large gall stone in the gallbladder is much harder to dissolve and it is not advisable to try a flush if you have one or two large gallstones, but the best results with a flush are obtained with a gallbladder that has multiple small gallstones that is not completely full. Also, it is not advisable to do a flush with a gallstone stuck in the neck of the gallbladder. 


Plan to do your flush when you have a day off with no commitments. We'll assume you've chosen a Saturday.

1. For two weeks before the flush, put 10 ml or 2 tsp (14 droppers) OPA orthophosphoric acid in 1 quart of unfiltered organic apple juice and drink throughout the day. This is the most important part of a gall stone diet as it may help to dissolve the stones.

2. The week of the flush, from Monday to Saturday add ¼ cup of the beet recipe to your salad at lunch and dinner. This is optional but very helpful. Take 1 capsule Gallbladder Complex 3x day.

3. Right after lunch on Saturday, is the time to do a coffee enema. Two or three hours after lunch, drink 3/4 cup of warm water into which 1 tsp Epsom Salt has been dissolved. If you have high blood pressure or any other reason to avoid salt, find another laxative or purger that is not salt based. The advantage of the magnesium sulphate is that salt contributes to softening stones and magnesium relaxes and moves the bowels. Some people find the Epsom Salt nauseating.

4. Take another dose of Epsom Salt at least one hour before dinner.

5. Eat a light dinner of only salad or fruit. Take 3-4 capsules Biliven capsules.
6. Just before bed, drink 4-6 oz. of extra-virgin olive oil. Follow this with 2 Tbsp. lemon juice and 1/2 glass of the apple juice mixture.

7. Lie on your right side with your knees pulled up for at least ½ an hour before you fall off to sleep. If you are too nauseous to sleep put 10 drops of the OPA phosphoric acid in an 8 to 12 oz glass of water. Sip on this throughout the night as needed. It should keep you from vomiting, but if you do so, do not repeat the olive oil at this time.

8. When you get up, (but not before dawn) drink another dose of Epsom Salts. Take 2-4 capsules Biliven.

9. You will likely pass small green balls in your stool. Be sure to note their size and number. Some stones may be different colors. As you repeat this flush a few months later, the number and size of stones should decrease considerably. Some people will pass the stones at night instead of or as well as in the morning.

10. Two hours after the 3rd dose of salts, Epsom Salts in 3/4 cup water. You can lower the amount of salt if you have having a problem with it. Take 2-4 capsules Biliven.

11. This procedure can be quite exhausting so plan on spending a quiet day at home.

12. Eat normally, if you are able.

I recommend a coffee enema on the day of the flush day (as stated above) and also, if there is any nausea lingering on the next morning, another liver flush may resolve that. Read all about coffee enemas and ordering supplies from

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