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  • Fos Formula is orthophosphoric acid with additional choline, inositol and Riboflavin added.
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FOS Formula


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2 ounce liquid

  • May support digestion and feelings of queasiness
  • Supports a healthy calcium to phosphorus ratio
  • Supports healthy cellular metabolism
  • Supports bone health

orthophosphoric acid 400 mg, inositol 40 mg, choline 20, riboflavin B2 170 mcg

1-2 droppersful in 1/4 cup of water or apple juice per time

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  1. Instant Relief

    Posted by MaryAnne Newman on Oct 10th 2018

    I have been using FOS for many years to control occasional gallbladder attacks. Though I have a carefully controlled whole food, plant-based diet, occasionally I will eat something that will cause gallbladder pain. This does the trick within an hour! Even if the attack is severe 2 droppers every 15 minutes for a couple of hours will eliminate the pain. I definitely recommend this and the diet recommended on this site!!!

  2. So thankful for this product!!!!

    Posted by Julianne Stamatyades on Aug 28th 2018

    My daughter has been having on and off gallbladder issues since last December. We have been trying to keep her gallbladder. The attacks finally ebbed in March and she was fine until July when she had another brutal attack. Vomiting nearly nonstop for a week, not able to keep anything down at all, emergency room visits, etc. Just miserable and suffering. I ordered the FOS and gave her a dose. Within minutes she said thought the pain was better. After about ten minutes I gave her another dose and the pain went away completely and she was able to get back to her normal college student activities. A day later she went to a party and threw caution to the wind and ate what she shouldn't have there. She had to leave early to come home, vomiting and in pain again. I gave her the FOS and again it was a miracle. The pain and vomiting stopped. So grateful for this product!. We will never be without it. My adult son also has similar gallbladder issues and I sent him the information to buy it. Finally I have to mention the amazing warm support and care I received from Heidi. I was so upset with my daughter's condition and she took a lot of time answering my questions, suggesting things to try until my FOS arrived (which was very fast I might add) and even checking on us when she hadn't heard from me after a day. We really appreciate these products and the people behind them. I cannot say enough good things!!!!

  3. Life Saver

    Posted by on Feb 21st 2018

    This is a life saving product if you have gallbladder issues. It has kept me from having surgery. It also helped my husband when he was having kidney stones, literally stopped the pain in minutes. He wasn’t a believer until then. Ibskways keep a bottle handy. I only use 2 dropper fulls in a bottle of water and the pain is gone.


    Posted by Susanna Bearfoot on Feb 21st 2018

    I wouldn't be without OPA. It saves me and puts me back on track and sometimes just knowing it's there can make me feel more relaxed about my gallbladder issues. A superb support!

  5. It Works!

    Posted by Janet B. on Jan 25th 2018

    I can't say what the phosphoric drops do for getting rid of stones, but they sure help with gall bladder pain. I put 2 droppers in 1/4 apple juice and take tiny sips for 15 to 20 minutes. Pain often stops after one or two sips. Amazong! (Have not had a full-blown attack since using.)

  6. Super helpful!

    Posted by Colleen on Jan 21st 2018

    Really works to reduce gb pain for me. Tip: Even diluted, this stuff is hard on your tooth enamel, so sip it to the back of your mouth with a straw.

  7. Lifesaver for intense painful attacks

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 29th 2017

    Heidi and Debbie told me the secret to this amazing drink. You have to continue sipping it slowly until the gallbladder attack pain subsides. I originally just followed the instructions and gave up after the dosage on the bottle didn't work for me. I also chugged it instead of sipping it. This is the only thing besides a chinese medicine that helps me during painful bouts (I have Sphincter Of Oddi Dysfunction and low performing gallbladder issues)

  8. OPA

    Posted by Carmel on Apr 15th 2017

    This is a fantastic product
    If you have gallbladder pain or discomfort this works with me within 20 minutes of taking it
    I wouldn't be without this

    Daily dose essential for great results

    Highly recommend this product

  9. Best product on the market

    Posted by Michele Fergus on Oct 21st 2016

    I use this product every day after every meal in order to avoid any problems. It is especially helpful when I cheat and eat something I shouldn't. With the onset of nausea or cramping, a couple drops of this in apple juice works almost instantaneously along with the massage technique indicated in one of the newsletters. I love this product and always keep some on hand.

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