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The Starter Kit


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The Starter Kit (previously the 30 Day Gallbladder Solution) is where we suggest people start.

Six Bottles of Supplements for Digestive Support

1 - Bile Salts Booster with Taurine - 180 capsules
2 - Bottles beet powder - 180 Capsules
1 - 2 oz bottle of FOS (liquid phosphoric acid)
1 - DigestPlus live enzymes - 180 Capsules
1 - Betaine Hcl - 90 Capsules

The products in this kit support bile flow as well as digestive function.

Take all these supplements with meals.


For best support, add a menu plan into your program. Choose between two PDF Gallbladder Diet Plans: extreme and moderate.

Strict 30 Day Menu Plan

Moderate Menu Plan



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  1. Far Too Harsh For Me

    Posted by Shae on Aug 23rd 2018

    First, I'll start by saying I've received a lot of benefit by by following the dietary portion of this program. I'm grateful for that. However, as someone who -- in addition to gallbladder issues -- has a long history of IBS and has had one bad bout of colitis, the supplement protocol was too intense for me, leading to stomach discomfort and painful diarrhea. I worked with the different supplements for a month, adjusting dosage and even trying one at a time, looking for a balanced place but in the end I find I do best focusing carefully on my diet and avoiding supplements.

  2. Best I've felt in years

    Posted by Fran on Aug 8th 2018

    I had been suffering gallbladder attacks on and off for several years. Six months ago it got to the point that I couldn't eat anything without pain and cramping in my upper abdomen. My GP said I'd need to have my gallbladder surgically removed and in desperation I trawled the Internet for alternative solutions. I came upon gallbladder and have never looked back. I went straight on to the strict diet and ordered the starter kit and within days the pain was gone and I could eat albeit small amounts and lots of beetroot! I have now progressed on to the moderate diet, which I love. It's full of delicious recipies (thanks you to Sharmila) and although it takes quite a while to prepare all the foods it is so healthy, I have lost 2 stones in weight. I am now on my third starter kit and feel as though I have really turned things around. No pain for 6 months and re-gained my confidence around eating. I can now also have a glass of wine and some potato chips so long as I do this in moderation. I am so grateful to Derorah and Heidi for all the help and support. Emails with queries are answered within a day so yo always feel as though someone is there to help.

  3. Getting my digestive juices flowing again

    Posted by Vivian on Jun 10th 2018

    I've been using the products for 1 week now while making some changes to my nutrition. Here's what I noticed:
    1) No pain
    2) Flatulence is almost gone
    3) Burping almost gone
    3) Bowel movements are starting to become regular (daily) and stools have softened considerably.

    I increased the number of Bile Salts capsules which are helping immensely along with the other products in the kit. Deborah Graefer's staff is very knowledageble and there to assist when needed. Their daily e-mails are informative and quite useful as well. All in all, I feel that this the best place I could have landed at to get my bile back to optimal health, as optimal as it can be for me! No thank you to the doctors who wanted to remove my gallbladder, and Thank You Deborah Graefer, L.Ac. MTOM, for helping me keep it!!

  4. powerful energy and powerful digestion support

    Posted by yuyang huang on Mar 16th 2018

    There has always been a problem of digestion, abdominal distension, snoring, only after half a day,everything is fine! ! !

  5. Feeling good, still learning.

    Posted by Deborah Montoya on Feb 1st 2018

    I started a diet from my acupunturist in mid december and I felt much better until a flush around mid January which brought on a gallbladder attack. I ordered your kit during that attack. Since then I feel much, much better and I'm using the 2nd diet. I'm using the supplements but it seems like there are just too many per meal/per day. So I am adjusting them to what I can handlle per meal/per day and varying it. Taking them all I feel that "stuck in my throat" feeling but not if I take less and I have little to none gallbladder pain now. So I think it's all working. Still learning!! and Thank you!!

  6. It works !

    Posted by Nic R. on Jan 23rd 2018

    One of the best things I’ve to say about this product and program is that IT WORKS!
    I started with acid reflex 2 months ago , to later be diagnosed with low- function GB , having a HIDA scan result of 27%, ultrasound came up normal. But I was basically living in pain, pain will sit in my right side upper abdomen 24/7 with waves of intensity throughout the day, getting much worst at night time. I started the program 3 weeks ago and I have been pain-free for the past 7 days .
    And my overall being much healthier!
    I have tons of energy now that pain is gone and will do what it takes to keep it that way .
    Thank you Gallbladder Attack team for all your support ! Is easier to get ahold of you than to my MD .

  7. Excellent Help

    Posted by Victoria on Jan 9th 2018

    It is nice to have good products to turn to when there is a health issue. It took a day to get the nausea & mild pain between my shoulder blades to calm down. I don't burp nearly as much as I used to. Bloating is down and gas pains are nearly non-existent. Bowel movements have normalized. My energy level has come up as I am digesting food better. My mood has improved over the last four days. I would recommend this company, this website, these products to ANYBODY...even if they don't have acute gall bladder problems. The digestion assistance, alone, is grand. The good foods/bad foods list helps. I understand that y'all consult and help people over the phone. That's cool. I don't need that but, I'm glad it is there.

    If you are having ANY kind of gall bladder issues or even if you are having indigestion, low energy, constipation or diarrhea, use these products. They WILL help.

  8. So Helpful!

    Posted by Sheri on Jun 30th 2017

    I am so grateful for the folks at Gallbladder Attack. I had just returned from the emergency room where they told me to eat a liquid diet, and was about to eat some chicken broth when I spoke to Heidi. She said, I wouldn't do that. Too much fat and protein. She recommended some flax seed tea, and I was pain free in five minutes. Amazing. I have since ordered the 30 day solution kit and have been doing very well on it. I really recommend this program and this company.

  9. Healthy Gallbladder

    Posted by Marisol Rodriguez on Apr 18th 2017

    I been taking the pills with small meals and I've notice a substantial reduction in discomfort in relation to gas pain. So far so good. I am glad I made this investment in my health. Thank you.

  10. A Great Combo Selection

    Posted by Jan on Mar 27th 2017

    30 Day Gallbladder Solutions seems to be a great way to go. My gallbladder has been responding well without the extreme pain. Thanks goodness.

  11. It works!

    Posted by Tami on Mar 14th 2017

    I followed this program 9 years ago and had no more gallbladder attacks. I recently had a ct scan for another issue and they said I have a stone about an inch in diameter. I must admit my diet is pretty good but I have been indulging in potato chips lately. Finding this out, I ordered another kit and am in my second week. The last thing I want is to have my gallbladder removed. I would recommend this program to anyone with gallbladder issues, in fact have in the past.

  12. Lifesaver in my opinion!

    Posted by Trayce Jackson on Mar 14th 2017

    I was very sick and having attacks with associated back pain with eating nothing. With this kit, I was able to slowly eat again and although it's only been a few weeks I have very little to no pain and most importantly NO ATTACKS with following the meal plans and good foods I should be incorporating in my diet. I suggest this to anyone having this problem.

  13. grateful

    Posted by Mary Jo on Feb 24th 2017

    The supplements and diet have been very helpful. I still have some pain at times and I am working to pinpoint the causes, but am very grateful for the help and support so far in preserving my gallbladder.

  14. Best I've felt in almost a year

    Posted by Chad on Feb 23rd 2017

    My symptoms were nearly constant burning, nagging pain in the gall bladder area for about 10 months. Doctors could not figure it out. I started the 30-day program and have been drinking lemon juice, apple juice and apple cider vinegar. I feel a lot better now.

  15. Incredible

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 12th 2016

    After a consultation with Debbie she recommended this kit and the Leaky Gut Kit along with dietary changes and castor oil packs. I have been following everything for 6 days and the decrease in my pain and bloating is nothing short of incredible. I would not have believed it possible but I've experienced it. These products along with Debbie's expertise are fantastic.

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