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  • Fos Formula - ortho-phosphoric acid

    This kit contains:1 8 oz Gallbladder-ND Detox liquid tincture2 2 oz Fos Formula (ortho-phosphoric acid) This kit is a two-week preparation for the gallbladder and liver flush which helps to flush sludge and gall stones. It...

  • Liver Nd Detox

    LIVER ND DETOX The herbs in this formula promote liver and gallbladder cleansing, help stimulate the flow of bile, help to normalize the composition of bile, and may increase the contraction of the gallbladder. It is used...

  • Medi-Clay-FX

    Medi-Clay-FX is a form of bentonite clay that has exceptional adsorbptive properties which means it has the ability to grab toxins and remove them through the bowel. As such, it is a great detoxifier for occasional use as...

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