Deborah Graefer, L.Ac., M.T.O.M.

I have been in practice as a licensed acupuncturist since 1995 and have a Masters in Tracitional Oriental Medicine. I have always had a special interest in digestive issues. Over the years, I have become a leading authority on alternative methods for managing gallbladder symptoms, regardless of diagnosis and even for those without a gallbladder. I have helped people get out of pain from gallbladder attacks, gallstones, a low-functioning gallbladder, heartburn, bile reflux, spams of the gallbladder, biliary sludge, stagnation, weight gain, unknown food allergies and more. And I have coached them, through personal consultations, online classes, newsletters, blog posts, through thousands of emails and hours of research. This website is a portal to my research, with the best supplements, practical tips and even recipes to keep you pain-free and help you achieve your health goals.

To kick start your learning, I invite you to set aside a few minutes of your time to listen to the “All About Gallbladder Problems” audio series below. You will learn about:

  • The Fourth Myths of Gallbladder Disease
  • How to Keep your Gallbladder or Live Without One
  • What Foods Should be Eaten and Avoided
  • When it's Time to Remove the Gallbladder
  • The Two Keys for Living with Gallbladder Disease

Part 1

  • Introduction – Who will benefit from this webinar?
  • The Expert – Deborah Graefer, L.Ac., MTOM
  • What are the symptoms of gallbladder disease?
  • What sets off these symptoms?
  • Part 2

  • Gallbladder Myths Debunked
  • How Gallbladder Disease Can Be a Gift
  • Part 3

  • The Gallbladder Diet: An Overview
  • The Supplements
  • The 30-Day Gallbladder Program
  • Part 4

  • Looking Ahead: The Long-Term Effects
  • Results and Overall Benefits of the Program
  • What Happens When You Don’t Take Action?